Artist statement


I have a long-standing interest in abstraction and like the duality of definitions: to be completely unrelated to (as we say “an abstract idea”) or to distill to an essence (an abstract in an academic journal). As examples, the difference between Calder’s geometric mobiles and Moore’s figurative sculptures. Both draw from our experience of the world, but in very different ways. My current work is based in the non-referential aspect of abstraction -- these images are not “of” anything.

With my background in both painting and photography, I employ an additive process to build these images from a vocabulary of aesthetic elements that are personally evocative. Analogous to music; colors are tonalities that create harmony or dissonance, the palette of the image relates to a musical key, textures akin to counterpoint, the lines and shapes a play of polyrhythmic structure.

So although the images are not “of” anything, they do, I hope, convey meaning. Independent of the subject originally photographed, content resides in the response to the piece – the resonance of tone and rhythm. My work is based in the ideals of gestural mark making and Abstract Expressionism, my process is direct, visceral and meditative. And with good fortune, my work finds common ground with the viewer.